Supra Ekey Lockbox


Supra Ekey Lockbox

Arguably the most comprehensive, and abundant ekey lockbox systems, the GE Supra Ekey system provides tremendous benefit over older Brockton MA port a john
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and less advanced keysafe tools. The ekey keysafe offers the showing realtor the ablility to share listing data to the listing agent to expedite the process of selling the home.


Thanks to the supra ekey system the realtor has the ability to gain access to the the listing, and the technology is now available to allow the selling REALTOR to also transmit their contact information as well as opinions from those who looked at the house as well as any specific data to the supra ekey lockbox where it will be transmitted to the agent that owns the listing. This information can then be used by the agent to update his sales strategy to get the listing sold more quickly.


Advantages of Supra Ekey

The GE Supra Ekey keysafe system is now one of the most advanced real estate security systems available. The entire lockbox system consists of the actual lockbox which is typically the GE IBox electronic lockbox, which utilizes an Active Key digital ekey for the lockbox. The system also may use a personal data assistant or smart phone interface for an ekey. The GE Supra Ekey system is currently in over 2.4 million listings across the United States and is the ekey system of choice for most brokers and real estate agents Of most benefit to the REALTOR is the data that may be collected through the supra ekey lockbox system. In addition to access data , the showing agent can also provide specific information about the property to directly through the supra ekey system.

Data Capture Through Supra Ekey

The GE Supra lockbox captures the data and provides it back to the agent that owns the listing. With this targeted information, the real estate agent can better focus his/her sales tactics to close the sale. Certainly lockboxes have become far more advanced than those early versions that used keys or simple combinations. Now the GE Supra Ekey lockbox allows the REALTOR to set hours of access as well as record possible sales activity to speed the selling and closing process. Even though there are numerous features to the ekey system, the specific benefits of the system usually include the ability to: 

  • Update and change lockbox shackle codes on the fly. 
  • Set specific hours of access as well as specific days.
  • Keysafe and Inventory tracking.
  • Wireless ability eliminates the necessity for a cradle.
  • Electronic wireless listing feedback in on the fly